New members and awards!

Submitted by kristend on Fri, 09/19/2014 - 08:58

With the start of fall semester, the lab is as big as it's ever been and we are happy to welcome our new members, and celebrate new accomplishments!

Roberto Orellana is joining us as a postdoc starting in September. Roberto has just finished his PhD in Derek Lovley's group working on uranium bioremediation in Geobacter sulfurreducens and the mechanism of energy conservation in Desulfobacter postgatei using proteomics and metabolic modeling. He also has expertise in statistics and bioinformatics with knowledge of MatLab and R, as well as expertise in anaerobic microbiological techniques including culturing and physiology. We also welcome Jacob Ford, a new undergrad in the lab, and our two rotation students from Microbiology, Marie Kroeger and Srishti Kashyap. Welcome to the group!

In other news, Matt Tuttle has been selected for the Junior Fellows Program! The Junior Fellows are a select group of UMass’s seniors in the life sciences who are actively involved in laboratory research. The Program facilitates exploration of a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary scientific research and career opportunities through communication within the group and university faculty. At the end of each semester, the Fellows present their work at a poster session.

Finally, Dan Burkhardt has won an Honors Research Grant in support of his proposed Honors research, “Assembly of whole bacteria genomes from the metagenomes of artificially warmed forest soils.” As part of this award, Dan will present his work at the Massachusetts undergraduate conference to be held April 24, 2015. Conference information and online registration is available on the Commonwealth Honors College website .