e-Biologics: Fabrication of Sustainable Electronics with "Green" Biological Materials.

Titlee-Biologics: Fabrication of Sustainable Electronics with "Green" Biological Materials.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLovley DR
Date Published2017 Jun 27
KeywordsBiological Products, Electrical Equipment and Supplies, Electronics, Green Chemistry Technology

The growing ubiquity of electronic devices is increasingly consuming substantial energy and rare resources for materials fabrication, as well as creating expansive volumes of toxic waste. This is not sustainable. Electronic biological materials (e-biologics) that are produced with microbes, or designed with microbial components as the guide for synthesis, are a potential green solution. Some e-biologics can be fabricated from renewable feedstocks with relatively low energy inputs, often while avoiding the harsh chemicals used for synthesizing more traditional electronic materials. Several are completely free of toxic components, can be readily recycled, and offer unique features not found in traditional electronic materials in terms of size, performance, and opportunities for diverse functionalization. An appropriate investment in the concerted multidisciplinary collaborative research required to identify and characterize e-biologics and to engineer materials and devices based on e-biologics could be rewarded with a new "green age" of sustainable electronic materials and devices.

Alternate JournalmBio
PubMed ID28655820
PubMed Central IDPMC5487731