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Webley Chosen as Honors Faculty Lecturer

September 2013:  Wilmore Webley, Associate Professor of Microbiology, has been chosen by the UMass Commonwealth Honors College as the Faculty Lecturer for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Dr. Webley's first lecture, "A Cure for Severe Asthma:  New Hope for the Future," will take place on Tuesday, October 1, at 6:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Auditorium. The lecture is offered as part of the honors seminar course "Ideas That Changed the World." Read more

Faculty Promotions

September 2013:  Effective September 1, 2013, Dr. Stephen Rich and Dr. Klaus Nüsslein have both been promoted to the rank of Professor.

Holden Explores Deep-Sea Volcano

August 2013:  James Holden, Associate Professor of Microbiology, and a team of researchers will embark on back-to-back research expeditions on September 3.  The expeditions will explore the Axial Volcano which is 300 miles off the coast of Oregon and one mile below the ocean's surface.  Holden's research will not be funded by government sources as it has in the past but from private sources: The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI).  The Moore Foundation, started by the co-founder of Intel and his wife, is dedicated to advancing environmental conservation and scientific research.  SOI was founded by Eric Schmidt of Google and his wife, are dedicated to funding oceanographic research projects. Read more

DeAngelis Receives Grant from Department of Energy

August 2013:  Kristen DeAngelis, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, along with Jeffrey Blanchard in the Biology Department and Jerry Melillo at the Ecosystem Center in the Marine Biological Laboratories received a three year grant from the Department of Energy. This project, entitled "Changes in Soil Carbon Dynamics in Response to Long-Term Soil Warming – Integration Across Scales from Cells to Ecosystems," takes advantage of a 22-year climate warming experiment ongoing at the Harvard Forest LTER. Cultivation of microbes, meta-transcriptomics of soils, and development of an ecosystem model for decomposition will increase understanding of the microbial mechanisms that control soil carbon loss in the context of a changing climate.

Webley Provides Insight in to Recent Research Findings

August 2013:  The Los Angeles Times reported on research findings recently published in Science Translational Medicine on the increased effectiveness of antibiotics when trace amounts of silver were added.  Wilmore Webley, Associate Professor of Microbiology, provided insight on the recent discovery. Read more