Microbiology Minor

Degree Overview & Mission

Our microbiology minor is a great way to customize your academic experience by enhancing your major or focusing on a second field of study. With courses that provide a variety of offerings in microbiology, you can tailor your minor to complement other fields of study, particularly within the College of Natural Sciences. 

A microbiology minor paired with majors such as biochemistry & molecular biology, environmental science, and food science can expand your understanding and experience around a specific subject, significantly strengthening your breadth of knowledge and benefiting you along your career path.

Admission Requirements

Our microbiology minor is available to all undergraduates students. 

Program Requirements

Credit Requirement: 15 credits

Our microbiology minor is available to undergraduates and requires completion of 15 credits in microbiology in courses numbered higher than 300. Anyone interested in completing a minor should meet with a faculty advisor to plan their program.

Required Courses Credits
General Microbiology - MICBIO 310 3
Intro to Microbiology Lab - MICBIO 265 2

Additional Resources

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