• How Fungi Make Nutrients Available to the World

    A recent article by the US Department of Energy reviews research and breakthroughs in biotechnology related to the conversion of woody biomass residues to useful bioproducts and biofuels. Professor Barry Goodell’s research in the UMass Microbiology department is discussed along with that of several other leading researchers in the field. Goodell’s work has led to the discovery on a unique, and highly efficient, non-enzymatic mechanism that fungi use to deconstruct wood. Read more »

  • Morita Lab Studies Glycolipid Biosynthesis as a Potential Drug Target

    The American Lung Association recently awarded Dr. Yasu Morita a grant to advance research to identify a protein involved in the production of glycolipids that can be targeted by new drugs. Read more »

  • Applied and Molecular Biotechnology (AMB) Master's Program in its Fifth Year

    The Applied and Molecular Biotechnology Program welcomed its fifth class in Fall 2017. Read more »

  • Holden Studies Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents in Northeastern Pacific

    One of the many research projects currently underway in the Holden Laboratory is the study of geomicrobiology of deep-sea hydrothermal vents along the Juan de Fuca Ridge in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. Read more »

  • Derek Lovley

    Lovley Invention Boosts the University's Number of Patents Recorded in One Year

    Derek Lovley, Distinguished University Professor, and Kelly Nevin Lovley, Research Assistant Professor, have developed and licensed a new technology, microbial electrosynthesis, which led the University of Massachusetts to record 62 patents in 2015 which is a record-high for the University. Read more... Read more »

News & Announcements

Kristen DeAngelis Received Tenure

June 2018: Kristen DeAngelis, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, has received tenure and will be promoted to the rank of Associate Professor on September 1, 2018.

Corelle Rokicki Receives Award at ASM Microbe 2018 Conference

June 2018: Corelle Rokicki (Microbiology Class of 2018) was selected as a recipient of the Outstanding Abstract Award from the ASM Microbe 2018 conference, which was held in Atlanta from June 7-11. She is one of 64 recipients selected from more than 3000 abstracts presented at the conference. Her abstract title was "Fluorescence imaging-based discovery of membrane domain-associated proteins in Mycobacterium smegmatis". Corelle Rokicki presented results of her undergraduate work with Dr. Yasu Morita. Ms. Rokicki will continue her study with Dr. Morita as a Fifth Year Master's student in Fall 2018.

In Memory of Thomas Lessie, Ph.D.

May 2018: Thomas Lessie, former Professor of Microbiology, passed away on May 5, 2018, in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Lessie joined the Microbiology faculty at the University of Massachusetts in 1968. Dr. Lessie taught bacterial physiology in the Department until his retirement from the University in 2002. He was an exceptional teacher. In his honor, the Microbiology Graduate Students of the time established an annual award for teaching excellence. His research focused on the molecular genetics and bacterial physiology of strains of Pseudomonas and Burkholderia. Read more...

Dhanya Kumar Awarded Fulbright Grant

May 2018: Dhanya Kumar, Microbiology Class of 2018, was one of 14 recipients of a Fulbright grant for 2018-2019. Recipients of Fulbright awards are selected on the basis of academic and professional achievement as well as a record of service and leadership potential in their respective fields. Ms. Kumar will travel to the United Kingdom to pursue a master’s degree in biological sciences at the University of London’s Institute of Cardiovascular Research. Read more...

UMass Graduation Celebration Held May 11-12

May 2018: Congratulations to all members of the Microbiology graduating class of 2018! Graduation for undegraduate degree recipients was celebrated on Friday, May 11, and a separate College of Natural Sciences graduation held on Saturday, May 12. Graduate degree recipients received their degrees at the UMass Graduate School Commencement also held on Friday. Among the recipients of graduate degrees was Begum Topcuoglu, who received her Ph.D.