MICROBIO 398PF Practicum 2

P/F Practicum credits are Pass/Fail credits that may be earned by undergraduates participating as undergraduate teaching assistants in laboratory or lecture courses, and/or as an official Microbiology Peer Advisor.  Students interested in being an undergraduate TA should contact the individual instructor for the course.  Applications for laboratory TA’s are available at registration time in the Main Microbiology Office. A Microbiology Course Override Form is required for registration in Microbiology 398P/F – Practicum. This form is available in the Main Microbiology Office.  Microbiology Peer Advisors must apply to the Microbiology Peer Advising Program in the Spring semester.  Interested students should contact Microbiology Peer Advisors or the Microbiology Peer Advising faculty coordinator.  Please note 1 credit should equate to 3 hours of work per week.


Semester(s) offered: 
Fall and Spring