Undergraduate researchers wanted, Fall 2017

Submitted by kristend on Tue, 07/25/2017 - 16:20

The DeAngelis lab is looking for undergraduate students to study the microbial ecology and evolution of climate change. If this seems interesting to you, please contact Kristen (deanglis@microbio.umass.edu). Include your resume or CV and indicate which opportunity you are most interested in. More information after the jump...

First, we seek students to assist with analyzing genomes and physiology of bacterial isolates. The student must show attention to detail and be willing to learn new lab skills. The ideal candidate will be a freshman or sophomore available at least 6 hours per week in blocks of at least 3 hours. The student can expect to build their bioinformatics skills and/or microbiology skills, including aseptic technique, media preparation, and microbial physiology. Work of outstanding students is likely to result in co-authorship of a manuscript in subsequent semesters. We look forward to meeting you!