MICROBIO 494BI Biotech for Big Bucks

Man has used breeding programs for the last 3000 years to increase yields of plants, to incorporate specific traits into farm animals and pets.  Early motivation was probably first survival then commerce.  Early tools were based in careful observation.  Today, we have biotechnology: the ability to genetically engineer almost any organism.  The ability to change and/or create any bio-molecule, drug, antibiotic, fuel or crop is almost at our fingertips.  But what will make it happen?  What is out motivation: survival in the face of global warming, increasing population, or to increase our own wealth through business?  What are the political, social, and ethical implications of what we could do?  What is doable, practical, profitable or necessary and what is a pipedream?  Satisfies one of three required modules for the Integrative Experience requirement for BA-MicBio or BS-MicBio majors.