MICROBIO 552 Pathogenic Bacteriology Laboratory

This class concentrates on bacteria that are known to cause disease in humans and animals. A variety of virulence mechanisms will be explored, including immune evasion, host damage and invasion, exotoxins, endotoxins, and how pathogens are transmitted and how they invade the host. How pathogenic bacteria are isolated and identified from clinical samples will also be covered. Identification strategies will include both traditional and rapid methods, including the use of selective and differential media, agglutination tests and rapid identification tests. How particular clinical samples (urine, sputum, etc.) are processed will be covered, along with describing the most common causes of infection in these areas. The virulence factors, transmission and types of diseases caused by certain bacteria will be described.

Semester(s) offered: 
Must have completed MICROBIO 312 with a B- or better; MICROBIO 312 and 552 may be taken concurrently only by consent of instructor