Determination of polydextrose in foods by ion chromatography: collaborative study.

TitleDetermination of polydextrose in foods by ion chromatography: collaborative study.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsCraig SA, Holden JF, Khaled MY
JournalJ AOAC Int
Date Published2001 Mar-Apr
KeywordsAlgorithms, Beverages, Cacao, Candy, Chromatography, Ion Exchange, Food Analysis, Glucans, Indicators and Reagents, Reference Standards, Tea, Ultracentrifugation

Eight collaborating laboratories assayed 7 blind duplicate pairs of foods for polydextrose content. The 7 test sample pairs ranged from low (2%) to high (95%) levels. The following foods were prepared with polydextrose mixed into the other ingredients and then baked, cooked, or otherwise prepared: milk chocolate candy, iced tea, sugar cookie, grape jelly, soft jellied candy, and powdered drink mix. Collaborators received a polydextrose standard to develop a calibration curve. The method determined polydextrose by ion chromatography, after removal of interfering food components (high molecular weight solubles). Repeatability standard deviations (RSDr) ranged from 3.93 to 9.04%; reproducibility standard deviations (RSDR) ranged from 4.48 to 14.06%. The average recovery was 94%.

Alternate JournalJ AOAC Int
PubMed ID11324613