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Kristen DeAngelis and Gina Chaput Receive Award from DOE

August 2018: Dr. Kristen DeAngelis and Ph.D. candidate, Gina Chaput, have received an in-kind award from the DOE Environmental Molecular Science Laboratories. Entitled "Iron Chelator-Mediated Biotransformation of Lignin by Novel sp., Tolumonas lignolytica BRL6-1, in Anoxic Conditions,” this award has the estimated value equal to $59,236.00 and will provide equipment and analyses for Gina’s dissertation. Gina is currently studying how the bacteria Tolumonas lignolytica BRL6-1 modifies plant material known as lignin under conditions that lack oxygen. These analyses will allow her to look at compounds produced by BRL6-1 specifically in response to lignin as well as detect changes to the lignin structure over time. 

Goodell & Jellison Paper Cited for 'Outstanding Results'

July 2018: Microbiology Professor, Barry Goodell and Center for Agriculture Director, Jody Jellison, and other researchers recently had their paper chosen as one of the "outstanding results" in its area. The paper, “Synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence microscopy enables multiscale spatial visualization of ions involved in fungal lignocellulose deconstruction,” appeared in Scientific Reports and will be abstracted in Argonne National Laboratory's annual report for 2018. Read more...

Kristen DeAngelis Receives NSF CAREER Grant

July 2018: Kristen DeAngelis, Associate Professor of Microbiology, received a five year CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation for her project, "Soil Microbial Ecology and Evolution in a Warming World."

Kristen DeAngelis Receives Tenure

June 2018: Kristen DeAngelis, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, has received tenure and will be promoted to the rank of Associate Professor on September 1, 2018.

Corelle Rokicki Receives Award at ASM Microbe 2018 Conference

June 2018: Corelle Rokicki (Microbiology Class of 2018) was selected as a recipient of the Outstanding Abstract Award from the ASM Microbe 2018 conference, which was held in Atlanta from June 7-11. She is one of 64 recipients selected from more than 3000 abstracts presented at the conference. Her abstract title was "Fluorescence imaging-based discovery of membrane domain-associated proteins in Mycobacterium smegmatis". Corelle Rokicki presented results of her undergraduate work with Dr. Yasu Morita. Ms. Rokicki will continue her study with Dr. Morita as a Fifth Year Master's student in Fall 2018.